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Wedding of Joseph & Mary Prayer Mug 15oz

The wedding of Mary and Joseph.

Make every sip inspiring.  Start your day with a beautiful prayer or quote from your favorite saint.  Prayer mugs make the perfect gift for weddings, Christmas, birthdays or just because. Collect them all and decide each morning who you want to pray with. This image is exclusive to Sacred Image Icons. AMDG! 

Wedding Prayer


Eternal God, I thank You for this marriage, I know that by Your grace and Your protection we will endure this godly marriage. The Bible declares that deep waters cannot quench love, nor rivers sweep it away. True love withstands trials, true love fights and does not give up. Give us the strength to remain loyal when this marriage gets difficult. Strengthen our bond so that as the challenges get more difficult, our marriage is reinforced; not weakened, Amen.  Solomon 8:7