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Our Lady of Revelation

This Marian apparition, well known in Italy but less recognized in the United States, occurred in Rome near the Trappist Abbey at Tre Fontane on April 12, 1947. 

Bruno Cornacchiola was a man with a troubled past. He grew up with an alcoholic and abusive father, and as he became older he often engaged in petty crime. His dislike of the Catholic Church was so strong that he was reluctant to marry his wife in a Church ceremony. Seeking to earn money, he went to serve as a foreign fighter in the Spanish Civil War (in which both the German Nazis and the Russian Communists had intervened.)  While in Spain he became an even more devoted hater of the Church and went so far as to buy a dagger on which he carved the words, “Death to the Pope”.

He returned to Italy and to his wife, with whom he had three children, but he continued to hate the Church and even considered assassinated the pope.

One day when his children were playing ball in an open space near a Trappist Abbey, he was surprised to see them all kneel down before a small cave.  Approaching the cave himself, he at first saw nothing, but then saw two hands which seemed to touch his face and pull a covering away from his eyes. At that moment, he saw a vision of a young women dressed in weight with a pink sash tied around her waist and a green veil over her head.  In her hands she held a small grey book to her chest.  The vision said to him, “I am the Virgin of the Revelation. You persecute me.  Enough of it now!”

She also gave Bruno a message for the Holy Father, Pope Pius XII, which he delivered in person. 

In this image we see the Virgin Mary as Bruno Cornacchiola described her, with her bare feet, white tunic, and small book. The green color of her veil is very distinctive among Marian apparitions.  Above her are the words “I am the Virgin of Revelation” in Italian. AMDG!

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