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Jesus the Good Shepherd / Merciful Like the Father Icon Print

Merciful Like the Father 

Pope Francis has announced 2016 to be an Extraordinary Jubilee Year, calling it The Year of Mercy, and has made the official motto, “Merciful Like The Father.” This icon was written in response to that proclamation.
The icon shows Jesus the good shepherd standing in front of the Holy Door. The Holy Door is the northernmost entrance to St. Peter’s Basilica. The door itself is rich in symbolism, as the images in it’s sixteen panels remind us of our salvation history. The door is ordinarily cement shut, only to be opened during Jubilee years, at which time pilgrims to the Vatican can pass through symbolically passing from the world into the presence of God.

Jesus the Good Shepherd is carrying the lost soul, similar to the Biblical good shepherd carrying the lost sheep. The blue almond shaped background around Jesus is called a mandorla, which represents the joining of the two worlds, heaven to earth. From Jesus comes red & white Divine Mercy rays. The rays extend down to figures who receive and convey His mercy. On the one side are Biblical figures who received mercy, all seven who are mentioned in the official Year of Mercy Prayer including Zaccheaus, the Samaritan woman, Magdalene, the adulteress, Peter after his betrayal, the good thief, and Matthew the tax collector, along with the prodigal son. On the other side are great saints who shared the Father’s mercy including John Paul II, Blessed Mother Theresa, Padre Pio, Faustina, Maximilian Kolbe, and Therese of Lisieux. Also with the saints are regular people who endeavor to share God’s mercy to those around them. All of these figures are under the mantle of Mary the Mother of Mercy, through whom the Holy Father has asked us to turn to.

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