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Consecrated Life Icon Print

Consecrated Life

Vivian felt compelled to write an icon in response to Pope Francis naming 2015 The Year of Consecrated Life. The icon celebrates consecrated life by showing Christ, along with many founders and foundresses of various religious orders, and other Holy Saints. The icon is dominated by the figure of Christ Who, poor, chaste and obedient, is the model and inspiration for all Consecrated souls. He holds the scroll with the mandate of Pope Francis to all religious, "Wake up the world" and stands on the path which symbolizes the way of walking in His Footsteps. From His Sacred Heart rays of light emanate and light the lamps held by a marvelous sampling of the great Founders, Foundresses and Saints of the Consecrated Life. Like the wise Virgins of the Gospel (Mt. 25) they keep their lamps lit by a loving union with Christ through prayer and penance. His left hand indicates the Holy Eucharist (held by St. Clare) with which He daily feeds and nourishes His faithful servants. Embossed in the background is the U.S. Logo for the Year of Consecrated Life which depicts the sun rising on a brilliant new day and a globe, shadowed by the Cross: Consecrated souls are prophets who generously embrace the Cross in this world to help others find the way to everlasting light and resurrection.

Saint Norbert
Saint Padre Pio
Saint John of the Cross
Saint Dominic
Saint Anthony of the Desert
Saint Vincent dePaul
Mother Mary Rogers
Saint Scolastica
Saint Augustine
Saint Angelia Miris
Saint Scolastica
Saint Josephine Bakha
Saint Catherine of Sienna
Saint Damian
Saint Benedict
Saint Bruno
Saint Therese of Leseux
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
Saint Basil
Saint Clare of Assisi
Saint Theresa of Availa
Saint Charbel
Saint Francis of Assisi
Blessed Mother Teresa

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