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 Joan of Arc

Born in 1412, St. Joan of Arc lived for nineteen years before dying a martyr’s death being burnt at the stake. When Joan was thirteen years old, she began to receive visions and voices telling her that she would free France from the English. She would later cut off all her hair and masquerade as a man to aid Charles VII in rising to the throne.

St. Joan is the patron saint of France and was canonized on May 16th, 1920 by Pope Benedict XV. Her feast day is May 30th. Joan is shown here with a red ribbon tied around her arm and flames rising up from her sword, both symbolizing her death as a martyr. The white lilies show that she died a virgin. Her wreath of olive branches is for purity as well as victory. The Corpus on her sword, as well as the heart on her armor, represents the great love that Joan had for Christ. The emblem in the bottom right corner was often seen on her armor and includes the Fleur-de-lis, which is the symbol of French royalty’s divine right to rule. St. Joan of Arc is also the patron saint of Sacred Image Icons.

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