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Saint Faustina and the Holy Angels Icon Print

Saint Faustina (and her Guardian Angel) Ready to frame print. 

Sister Faustina grew up as one ten children of a carpenter in Lodz, Poland. Even as a young girl she began to realize that she was called to the religious life. When she was eighteen years old, she went to a dance in a park with her sister and while she was there had a vision of Jesus, who asked her how much longer she would keep putting Him off.  Immediately she traveled to Warsaw and began searching for a convent to join. She joined the Congregation of the Sister of Our Lady of Mercy and was given the religious name: Sister Maria Faustina of the Blessed Sacrament.

In 1931 Sr. Faustina began to have a series of visions in which the devotion to Divine Mercy was revealed to her, including the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the image of Divine Mercy which has since become well known.

As well as his vision of the Divine Mercy, Sr. Faustina was also granted visions of angels, including her own guardian angel. On one occasion, when she was hospitalized in Krakow in 1936 and unable to go to mass, an angel brought her the Eucharist.  She wrote in her diary, “If the angels were capable of envy, they would envy us two things: one is receiving Holy Communion and the other is suffering.”

Describing her miraculous reception of communion in the hospital, she wrote: “In the evening, the sisters who were to look after me came and said ‘Tomorrow you will not receive the Lord, because you are very tired.’ Faustina wrote: "This hurt me very much but I said with great calmness, ‘Very well’, and resigning myself totally to the will of the Lord. In the morning I made my meditation and prepared for Holy Communion even though I was not to receive the Lord Jesus. When my love and desire had reached a high degree, I saw at my bedside a Seraph who gave me Holy Communion, saying these words ‘Behold the Lord of Angels.’ This was repeated for thirteen days. The Seraph was surrounded by a great light, the divinity and love of God being reflected in him. He wore a golden robe and over it, a transparent surplice and a transparent stole. The chalice was crystal, covered with a transparent veil. As soon as he gave me the Lord, he disappeared” (Diary, 1676)

In this icon we see Sr. Faustina protected by her guardian angel.  In the upper right is the six-winged seraph, bearing the Eucharist to her, from which emanates the blue and pink rays of Divine Mercy.  In her hands she holds a rosary, which is used not only for saying the rosary but also praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

St. Faustina was canonized in 2000 by St. John Paul II.  Her feast day is October 5th.

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