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The Holy Family 2 Icon Print

The  Holy Family

In this sacred image the Holy Family is portrayed in a Western artistic style. St. Joseph is shown with his staff breaking into flower. This is based on a pious legend that St. Joseph was selected as the spouse of Mary by his staff blossoming into flower. In the background, we also see lilies, which are a symbol of purity. 

All three members of the Holy Trinity are present. God the Father reaches down to bless the Holy Family and the Holy Spirit hovers above them in the shape of a dove. Jesus is held in the arms of His mother.

Print on Fine Art Papers

Our fine art paper prints (also known as Giclee) are ordered by galleries, individual artists and photographers. The papers and inks are not only archival but use some of the most accurate print technology for full color prints.

Gatorboard® Rigid Prints

Your artwork or photography printed directly on 1/3" or 1/2" Gatorboard® panels. Gatorboard® is a similar but more rigid and sturdier than foamcore. Because it is so light, it can be easily used in frames or hung on the wall with velcro command strips. Printed with UV-inks directly to the panel, Gatorboard® prints are both smudge and scratch resistant. These prints can be placed directly into the frame without glass giving you a beautiful glare free print.