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Venerable Mother Catherine McAuley

Catherine McAuley was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1778 to a devoutly Catholic family.  However, when she was still a young woman, her parents both died and she and her siblings moved to live under the care of a Protestant relative. Catherine’s relatives did not look kindly on her Catholic faith, but she took it as a trial that she could offer to God and developed a spirituality based on God’s mercy. She found during this time, “peace in the Cross, joy in suffering, prayer in action and action in prayer.”

After five years, Catherine took a job as housekeeper for a retired Quaker couple. She served them devotedly for nineteen years. After their deaths, the childless couple left them their house and fortune. Catherine took this opportunity to build a house in Dublin to serve as a home and refuge for poor girls.  Called the Home of Mercy, this foundation opened in 1827. 

Catherine’s work with the poor caused her to wish to devote her whole life to Christ. Encouraged by Dublin’s archbishop, she and two other women took vows in 1831 founding the Sister of Mercy. By the time of Catherine’s death ten years later, there were already a hundred Sisters of Mercy with ten foundations across Ireland. In the following years the Sisters' work took them throughout the world. Today there are more than 5,500 Sisters of Mercy worldwide.

In 1978 the cause for the beatification of Mother Catherine McAuley was begun, and Pope John Paul II declared her Venerable in April of 1990.

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Queenie K
Just as expected. Mother McAuley will be p...

Just as expected. Mother McAuley will be proudly on my door at the convent

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Exceeded all expectations! Very pleased! Highly recommend!

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Outstanding! I would buy from the seller again.

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5 stars review from Jody.

5 stars review from Jody.