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The Wedding Feast of Cana Icon Print

The Wedding at Cana

This image is part of a set of five icons depicting the Luminous Mysteries of the rosary. They were commissioned by the priest at Sacred Heart Church in Los Angeles, California. The icons were installed in the high altar of the church. Sacred Heart Church is a historic church in Los Angeles and if famous for having all of the mysteries of the rosary as stained-glass windows. Since the Luminous mysteries are a much more recent development, they did not have them in stained glass, so the pastor commissioned a set of icons of the Luminous Mysteries.

Jesus and Mary are pictured at the Wedding at Cana. In the background, the newly-married couple sit holding an empty cup, while Jesus tells the server to pour water into wine jugs. His hand is outstretched over the already full jugs. Mary looks on from over Christ’s shoulder.

The Wedding at Cana is one of the earliest stories in the Gospel, and it is the story in which we see the beginning of Jesus’s public ministry. Jesus and His mother attend a wedding in the city of Cana. During the wedding feast, the servers fun out of wine to serve. Mary comes to Jesus and tell Him that they are out of wine, and then turns to the servers telling them, “Do whatever He tells you.”

Jesus told the servers to fill up with water the large jars which were normally used for the ritual washing of feet.  Then he told them to carry a sample of the water to the head server.  When the head server tasted it, he found that the water had been turned into wine — wine finer than the wine which had been served earlier.

The miracle of the water turned into wine is often seen as a prefigurement of the miracle of the mass, and the Wedding at Cana is thus seen as a symbol of the Last Supper, and thus the Mass.  It is also considered to be significant that Jesus’s first miracle was at a wedding, pointing to the holiness of marriage and its nature as a sacrament. AMDG!

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