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The Wedding Blessing Icon Print

Wedding of St. Joseph and Mary ready to frame print.

This icon portrays the marriage of St. Joseph and Mary. Although little is known of the life of the Holy Family apart from the events in the life of Jesus, Mary and Joseph are traditionally the patrons of spouses and of marriage.  Up until 1961 the Feast of the Holy Spouses was celebrated on January 23rd.  Although it was officially removed from the calendar in that year, the Oblates of St. Joseph and the Diocese of Fresno have both received permission to revive the feast, which in Fresno is celebrated on January 29th.

St. Joseph is depicted holding a staff which is blossoming into flower. According to a medieval legend, the High Priest ordered that each of the men who might become engaged to Mary bring a staff. Because of St. Joseph’s holiness, the Holy Spirit descended and caused his staff to burst into flower.

The priest celebrating the marriage wears vestment inspired by both the high priest robes of the time of Jesus and the vestments worn by Eastern Christian priests.

The light descending from above represents the supernatural graces which are bestowed upon the human institution of marriage through the sacrament.

This icon was originally commissioned to celebrate a wedding anniversary, and it is often ordered as an anniversary or wedding present. AMDG

Ready to frame print. Professionally printed and ready to frame for your church or home.  

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Our fine art paper prints (also known as Giclee) are ordered by galleries, individual artists and photographers. The papers and inks are not only archival but use some of the most accurate print technology for full color prints.

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Your artwork or photography printed directly on 1/3" or 1/2" Gatorboard® panels. Gatorboard® is a similar but more rigid and sturdier than foamcore. Because it is so light, it can be easily used in frames or hung on the wall with velcro command strips. Printed with UV-inks directly to the panel, Gatorboard® prints are both smudge and scratch resistant. These prints can be placed directly into the frame without glass giving you a beautiful glare free print. 



Customer Reviews

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Bill C
Beautiful! Perfect for a wedding gift.

Beautiful! Perfect for a wedding gift.

Josh D
This is a beautiful print and perfect for...

This is a beautiful print and perfect for a wedding gift. I have bought several and would highly recommend this shop for any of the gorgeous prints!

Aline R Skrzyniarz R
This item is very beautiful and of good qu...

This item is very beautiful and of good quality.
It was very well packaged and protected.
A beautiful wedding gift for a wedding I will be attending.

Diane M
5 stars review from Diane.

5 stars review from Diane.

Estelle U
Beautiful! My brother and his wife loved i...

Beautiful! My brother and his wife loved it!!! Given as an anniversary gift. 😃