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Saint Joseph and Baby Jesus Icon Print

Saint Joseph and the Baby Jesus ready to frame print. 

Those who approach St. Joseph with faith are drawn into a deeper relationship with his Son.

St. Joseph has a deep affection for all of us and he desires above all else to bring us closer to his Son, Jesus Christ.

He accomplishes this task in many ways and one of them is through the various devotions that have been developed by the Church over the centuries.

Here are 8 popular devotions to St. Joseph that are aimed at deepening our relationship with Jesus.

  1. Seven Sundays devotion to St. Joseph – Whatever the origins may be, a devotion was developed where the seven sorrows and seven joys of Joseph became the focus of meditation on the seven Sundays preceding his feast on March 19.
  2. Struggling with purity? Try the cord of St. Joseph!– When trying to overcome sexual addictions, such as pornography, one needs to rely on many tools supplied by both science and faith. One such tool can be wearing the Cord of St. Joseph, a devotional practice of the Catholic Church that has its roots in the 17th century.
  3. Novena of the Holy Cloak of Joseph – The name alone draws one in with a beautiful image: the cloak that St. Joseph wore.
  4. Consecration to St. Joseph– Similar to the way in which those who draw closer to the Virgin Mary are in turn brought closer to Jesus, those who dedicate themselves to St. Joseph will find themselves in a deeper relationship with God.
  5. Why is Pope Francis so devoted to St. Joseph Sleeping?– The Pope has the habit of placing under the statue of the saint a list containing the problems, petitions, and prayers of the faithful. It’s as if he were inviting Saint Joseph to “sleep on it,” and perhaps to put a good word in before God to solve difficult situations and to help those in need, thus calling upon the saint’s role as a father who is merciful and totally attentive to those he loves.
  6. Litany of St. Joseph – The “Litany of St. Joseph,” a prayer that invokes Joseph using various names that describe particular aspects of his heavenly intercession.
  7. The Powerful 30 Day Prayer to St. Joseph– Why 30 days, you might wonder? According to tradition, St. Joseph died just before Jesus entered into his public ministry. The prayer therefore honors St. Joseph for each of the 30 years he spent with Jesus and Mary on earth.
  8. How to pray the Rosary of St. Joseph – One such devotion is the Rosary of St. Joseph that uses the regular beads of the Marian rosary, but substitutes various prayers and mysteries to honor the foster-father of Jesus. It is a beautiful devotion, one that draws a soul closer to the beloved St. Jospeh, Patron of the Universal Church.