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Diaconate Icon Plaque

The Diaconate Icon tells the story of the role of the deacon. From the hand of God thru the Holy Spirit, grace flows out to the Bishop as he ordains a new deacon. That grace is also flowing to those deacons already serving the Church, in some of the many ways the deacon conveys that grace to the children of God. Works of Mercy such as feeding a needy child, providing help to the handicapped and to the widow, visiting the imprisoned, burying the dead, and providing clothes. Spiritual works such as proclaiming the Word God, accomplished in their preaching as well as when they marry and baptize. Of course, washing of the feet is the universal symbol of service. All of this follows the Bishop's prayer at ordination: “Lord, send forth upon him the Holy Spirit, that he might be strengthened by the gift of your sevenfold grace to carry out faithfully the work of the ministry.”

Near the top of the icon are more Diaconate symbols, a chalice which the deacon has responsibility for, and a stole which is draped over the cross. Note at the tips of the cross are the symbols of the four Gospel writers. On the sides of the icon are the two Patron saints of deacons, St. Stephen & St. Lawrence, one with stones by his feet, the other with the infamous gridiron.

In the center of the icon are the words of Jesus, "I am in your midst as one who serves." The deacon answers that call to service, helping to bring the presence of our Lord to His people.

The icon comes sublimated to an ogee shaped edge in brown wood-colored frame, with a low-gloss finish surface.

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