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Our Lady of Peripheries Wall Plaque

In 2023, the General Superior and General Council of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools released The Leavening Project, a plan for accompaniment, a “fraternal invitation,” for the Lasallian family to “start a pilgrimage together” over the coming years. In that process, they asked all Lasallians to invoke “Our Lady of the Peripheries.”


To commemorate the 2023 Visitation by the General Superior and General Council to the Lasallian Region of North America, an icon was commissioned of Our Lady. 

This icon embodies a call to the Lasallian family, an invitation to be “close to those who live on the social, geographical, existential and educational peripheries.” Lasallians—Brothers and Partners—are educators, and the Lasallian tradition “is rooted in the preferential service of the poor, the excluded, those considered irrelevant, that is to say those children and young people for whom their vulnerable condition is an obstacle to the building up of their dreams for the future and to their having a dignified and happy life.” 


The Leavening Project calls us to ask “Where is my brother? Where is my sister?” Here, each person is shown, with all the dignity that can be given to them, reminding us that everyone on the peripheries is our brother and sister and should be treated that way. 

This wooden wall plaque consists of a sublimation print and comes with an ogee shaped edge in brown wood colored wooden frame.

Available sizes:

*Plaque for Wall Display 127mm x 177.8mm. (Printable Area: 97 x 140mm)
*Plaque for Wall Display 152.4mm x 203.2mm. (Printable Area: 122 x 173mm)
*Plaque for Wall Display 177.8mm x 228.6mm. (Printable Area: 147 x 193mm)
*Plaque for Wall Display 203.2mm x 254mm. (Printable Area: 172 x 223mm)
*Plaque for Wall Display 228.6mm x 304.8mm. (Printable Area: 198 x 274mm)